29 March 2008

Welcome and Howdy

Welcome to the Deep in the heart of Egypt blog where Egypt gets a Texas perspective. We are affiliated with the American Research Center in Egypt, one of the most well-known contributors to Egyptology. We, the North Texas Chapter, are comprised of a group of friendly people fascinated by all aspects of the archaeology and culture of ancient Egypt.

If you are interested in Egypt, we will have knowledgeable, accurate posts of happenings in Egypt, Dallas and anywhere else our traveling members find Egypt. If you live in the Dallas area, please feel free to stop by our monthly FREE lectures at Southern Methodist University.

Our next meeting is this evening at Southern Methodist University in Fondren Building Room 123, Dr. Nigel Strudwick from The British Museum and the University of Memphis will be speaking on the use and reuse of tombs. Again it is FREE.

If you can't make it, please keep track of this blog and maybe we can see you next month.

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