09 April 2008

Egypt's Connection to Global Warming?

Did you see our February speaker Dr. Sarah Parcak from the University of Alabama at Birmingham on the Discovery Channel this past Sunday on Why Ancient Egypt Fell?

She was showing her GoogleEarth studies on the Nile Delta to prove that the 1st Intermediate Period was caused by a drought that lasted at least a generation. Dynasties 9-11 are a big hole in the Egyptian record. They didn't talk about such horrid things on tomb walls.

I think it is so cool that we get these speakers first. I can remember us leaving our February meeting just fascinated at the potential GoogleEarth can have on Egyptology. It is very interesting how the whole drought in Egypt is connected to a drought in the rest of the Mediterranean and the connection with the glacier ice age in the States.

However in watching the show, it hit home all the Global Warming messages that we are getting now. Can you imagine how cold Texas would get? or would we have a drought like the Egyptians? I don't want to find out if I could eat my own.

Sure would love to hear your comments.

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