18 April 2008

Friday night Challenge

Just got home from the Lecture tonight on the Memphis Necropolis. And I thought I would give those of you who couldn't make it a challenge.

Dr. Aidan Dodson spoke about a unique way to build a tomb that has thwarted tomb robbers for thousands of years. It is a shaft that is bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top with the sarcophagus at the bottom of the shaft. Once the person is buried in their coffin the lid is sealed by use of sand as a hydraulic lift and the rest of the shaft is filled in with sand. All the sand would have to be taken out for a tomb robber to get to the coffin.

He mentioned that he recreated how the tomb was constructed on a BBC program. He told me that the BBC sponsored the experiment. So I have a challenge for all of you.

Find a copy of the original BBC program and/or the name of the program. Also give me the name of the place where Dr. Dodson experiment was conducted. To enter just post the information (not the video) in the comments area.

We may just have a special surprise or an impromptu viewing night if we can find a copy.

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