13 April 2008


In preparation of the Dallas Museum of Art's Tut Exhibit, we at the local chapter are having an all-day Tut-athon. I am so excited. Now the actual Tut Exhibit doesn't start until October 3, but we thought it would be neat to get a leg up so to speak on the festivities.

Dr. Aidan Dodson is coming April 18 and 19. His free lecture on Friday night, April 18 in SMU's Fondren Building Room 123 is on the Memphite Necropolis. It starts at 7pm with snacks and ends about 9 pm. We won't be going to the famous Desperados afterwards because we need to be back early in the morning for the Tut Seminar on Saturday.

The Tut Seminar starts at a bright and early 9 am in the Dedman Life Sciences Auditorium at SMU and ends around 4 pm thereabouts.

Now, the title of the seminar is Tutankhamun: From the Cradle to the Grave. Dr. Dodson will begin the day with tracing the history of Egypt from the high-point of Akhenaten’s reign, through which the young Tutankhaten and his queen changed their names to switch allegiance to the old dynastic god, AMUN. We will have a little break and continue the morning with the restoration of the traditional religion and if Tut was murdered or not. (I am sure you have a theory of your own.)

We usually have lunch on our own. If you are coming to the meeting from seeing this blog tell the registration desk and we will meet up to have lunch together.

When we return in the afternoon, Dr. Dodson will discuss Tut's tomb before break and the rediscovery of his tomb in 1922 after the break.

Then when we all go to the Tut exhibit in October, we will be versed in all things Tut! See you at the meeting.

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